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Issue 5**SALE $5**
Catalogue No.: OTH1005
Record Label: Off The Hip
Format: Zine

This 56 page issue is crammed pack with articles and interviews with your favourite bands including You Am I, Thee Bill Childish, Deniz Tek, The Double Agents, Starky, The Booby Traps, The Resonars, Dollar Bar, Groundswell, The Singles, The Fevers + Over 50 reviews.

CD tracklisting: 01/ The Rumoours - "I'm Just So In Love With You" 02/ Deniz Tek & The Golden Breed - "Always Out Of Reach" 03/ The Booby Traps - "Scratch My Back" 04/ Showbag - "Difficult" 05/ Groundswell - "Always" 06/ Boss Beat and The Rayguns - "Scarabesque" 07/ Gazonga Attack - "Borderline" 08/ Organic - "Hold You In My Arms 09/ Gigantic - "Cold Shoulder" 10/ The Double Agents - "The Bliss" 11/ The Uptight - "Morning Surprise" 12/ The Hymies - "I'm Stressed" 13/ The Waltons - "Cherry" 14/ Danny McDonald - "Too Much Fun".



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Issue 5**SALE $5**

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