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I Sat On A Corner Of A Page Of the Novel Of My Mind
Catalogue No.: FM08
Record Label: Feral Media / Fuse
Format: CD

It possesses the intimacy and freedom that anything can happen that you commonly hear on bedroom recordings, yet with a much better sound quality. The music is twisted singer songwriting, tripped out psych folk, where instruments are tweaked, vocals stretched and torn yet it still remains highly personal. Links can be drawn to the acid soaked revelry of the Flaming Lips, the harmonic niceties of the Beach Boys and the drifting groove of tripped out Floyd jams. In Incigneri’s tunes sounds are bouncing off each other, colliding and floating off into the ether yet no matter how noisy or chaotic things become he never loses sight of his jagged pop edged ancestry. At times it descends into some very strange territory with Incigneri demonstrating his ability to craft interesting soundscapes, yet in the main these are merely platforms for his engaging, idiosyncratic and half twisted songs. Bob Baker Fish, CYCLIC DEFROST



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David Eliott Incigneri

I Sat On A Corner Of A Page Of the Novel Of My Mind

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