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Self Titled
Release Date: 03/03/2004
Catalogue No.: SF008
Record Label: Independent
Format: 7" Vinyl

Imagine Slayer done by Low or perhaps rather Codeine and you get a vague idea of how the B-side of this single sounds. Its slow but instantly recognisable as the song of our childhood when we wore denim vests with big patches on the back, but fits perfectly into the soundscape that Logh have molded for themselves. The song "Bones of generations" that originally appeared as the "Trail of dead-esque" explosion of the recent full length "The Raging Sun" is here stripped down so that the original slowed down part becomes the groovy chorus part, and makes the vocals sound even more urgent and catchy. The songs here are nothing short of keyed-down miracles. Totally cleansed from any glance in any other direction than their own, Logh evokes huge cinematic soundscapes coloured with solemn beauty. The Raging Sun continues where the debut left off but still exists in an entirely different universe.



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Self Titled

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Track listing - Disc 1
The Bones Of Generations
War Ensemble