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Split 7
Release Date: 03/03/2004
Catalogue No.: SF007
Record Label: Independent
Format: 7" Vinyl

Hey Mercedes and Favez can really be proud of this recording. The songs on this split seveninch are urgent, important, and most of all a fresh breath of powerful rock to the indie rock scene. The two Hey Mercedes songs here, "Quality Revenge at last", which is an classic rock anthem with powerchords and multi layered guitars, and "warm chords" with its instant catchiness and melodies that reminds you of late Braid songs, has an ability to stick to you like glue for weeks, maybe years or for the rest of your life. Producer Paul Kolderie (who earlier have done Dinosaur Jr. and Radiohead) and his cohort Sean Slade, have kept Hey Mercedes' particular quirks and uniqueness, thus given it a powerful texture of a dozen guitars and Nanna's best vocal work to this date. Favez deliver an alternate version of "it's a hit", tougher, faster and more rocking than the poppier "bellefontaine avenue" version, as well as what they call one of their best songs ever: "Cristobald Plattolucci needs a girlfriend", sort of a cross between Blur and Hot Water Music. The band produced it, recorded it and mixed it all by themselves, but frankly it sound at least as good as their "from Lausanne, switzerland" that was done by John Agnello. This is european indie rock as good as it gets, and if you liked FromLausanne, switzerland, you will love these new songs...



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Hey Mercedes / Favez

Split 7"

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