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The Lap Of Luxury
Catalogue No.: V37
Record Label: Valve Records
Format: CD

Like a Bengal tiger in a body shirt waiting to pounce. Six ft Hick have been silently honing the knives in the rock n roll bamboo thicket. The jungle drums pound to the sound of a thousand hips snaking. It's a beat you can dance to, it's a dance you can beat off to... it's carnal, it's animal, it's outta your control... it's a faux-zebra rug, a jason rocker-recliner, a leather look lounge, satin sheets and silk shirts. Kick back, relax my pretties, you're in the lap of luxury! Featured the tracks 'I Was Cleaning It and It Went Off' and '$2 G String'.



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Six Ft Hick

The Lap Of Luxury

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Track listing - Disc 1
I Work Better In the Dark
Break-up Break Down
Dollar G-String
Smokin' In Bed
When Only the Best Will Do
I Was Just Cleaning It And It Went Off
We're All Gonna Die
Red Carpet Treatment
Last Lullaby
I Got the Swamp