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Heroic Blues
Release Date: 01/07/2002
Catalogue No.: COCK005
Record Label: Cockaigne
Format: CD

"I guess I'd call it a folk soul album. After our last two CDs I just wanted to get a collection of songs together that could be laid down at our studio with an acoustic guitar and then built up from there. The Dave Graney Show CD (1998) and the Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) had all been recorded with a lot of Midi/keyboard tracks. I loved all the sampled textures that were suddenly available with the new hard disc technology. Now I wanted to get away from all that and make a vague kind of singer/songwriter type record. " (Dave Graney)



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The Dave Graney Show

Heroic Blues

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Track listing - Disc 1
Eye O' The Vibe
Clingin' To The Coast
Sons Of Maggie Mae
I Don't Know Anything
Leavin' The Mount
Heroic Blues
Are We Goin' too Fast For Love?
I Will Always Hate You
Don't Mess With The Blood
Anchors Aweigh