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“Itching madly for something beyond the kneejerk catharsis of rock songs, The Drones have scratched so hard that they’ve broken through to a raw new skin”. (9/10) FasterLouder “In recent years, a run of excellent Melbourne bands have taken punk into angular rock, throwing down lyrics like damaged but razor-sharp warriors and occupying the gap left while Liddiard and friends were otherwise occupied. This return is a timely reminder there's still nobody quite like The Drones”. B.Zuel SMH “..the Drones in 2016 have swerved in a radical direction on their seventh album. Keyboardist Steve Hesketh's true value has been realised on his first recording, which takes aim at everything from tribal tatts to Andrew Bolt on first single Taman Shud while aching with agony on To Think That I Once Loved You. "The best songs are like bad dreams," sings Liddiard on opener Private Execution, as Fiona Kitchin's skulking bass comes for you. It's intimidating, sometimes scary stuff. Thankfully.” 41/2 stars M. Boulton WAToday