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"It’s been a long journey for the guys at Electric Horse.
Having started up back in 2009 and gigging pretty heavily over the last few years, on headline tours and supporting the likes of Grinspoon, the band have kept themselves very busy, especially the Brown brothers who were once a part of Queensland heavy metal band Sunk Lotto.
Now after years of hard work, the Gold Coast rockers are releasing their first full length LP, Venomous. Sticking to the same hard and fast rock ‘n’ roll that they have been playing for the past few years, the band have delivered one hell of a fist pumping record that won’t disappoint.
Though the album gets off to a slow start with opening track “Rasputin”, the strong drum beats and soaring vocals make it a powerful one at that.
That same raw power continues throughout the entire album in an unrelenting surge of driving distorted guitars and thumping drums with grooving bass lines, a sound somewhat similar to that of Aussie rock legends Grinspoon.
The title track off the album keeps the fist pumping rock cranking with a slightly more melodic yet still hard song complete with a nice little breakdown thrown in for good measure.
As the album wraps up on another slower and acoustic number in “Vacant Skies”, there is definitely a good sense of satisfaction with this one.
The whole album is  one very complete and fantastic effort from the Gold Coast band that should gain them many more fans."