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Anubian Lights
Anubian Lights grew up in the midst of the wildest record collection known to man. Also their huge collection of vintage instruments might be responsible for the "kinetic infa-sound" of this high fidelity recording. Formerly being craftsmen in all kinds of bands, from Hawkwind, Nik Turner's Space Ritual, the Brain, Chrome, Pressurehed, Farflung, Zero Gravity and Dj Me and Dj You, the Anubian Lights members experimented on a broad range of music. They are based in the massive L.A. underground, where the Raymakers, Seksu Roba and Dj Me and Dj You from Sukia shake hands, make up sideprojects, play for Damo Suzuki (CAN) and compete for megastardom. They first broke ground as the Anubian Lights in 95 with their first release The Eternal Sky followed in 1996 by the EP The Jackal and Nine and in 1998 by the full-length Let Not the Flame Die Out.

From these spacey journeys to Naz Bar, one can clearly point out a new sound, coming from the influence of Exotica รก la Martin Denny and Les Baxter.

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