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To coincide with his national tour, Lior will release Daniel as the first official single off his debut album Autumn Flow, following on from the hugely successful song This Old Love. Daniel represents an inner journey of memories. It tells the story of a faded exploration into the "doorways of the mind" that lead to the place where the emotions and experiences of the friendship have been captured.

The EP digi pack will include the single Daniel, the breakthrough track This Old Love and Bedouin Song (a song that represents the middle eastern influence in Lior's music) and is available through MGM.

Lior has enjoyed instant notoriety on the back of releasing his debut album Autumn Flow. The opening track, This Old Love was on high rotation on triple j for close to 9 weeks, and the album was triple j' feature album early this year, after This Old Love was voted into triple j 's Hottest.

Autumn Flow is also the first nomination for triple j's inaugural J Awards for beat Australian Album Of The Year. The award will be presented for an album of outstanding achievement as an Australian musical work of art  for its creativity, innovation, musicianship and contribution to Australian music.

Internationally, Autumn Flow will be released independently in Japan on the 17th July with a showcase tour to commence shortly after that. On the Festival front, Lior has been invited to play at WOMAD in the UK and Singapore later this year. Lior is the only Australian Artist invited to WOMAD UK 2005. Along the way he will also play some solo shows throughout Europe.

Lior's sound is a rootsy mix of styles that always harks back to the lyric and melody. The album itself is grounded in the late 60's / early 70's songwriter era, however the arrangements and production approach are quite contemporary. Artists such as Joni Mitchell, Neil Simon, Nick Drake and Rufus Wainwright are called to mind.

It is Lior's voice that has drawn most attention, capable of both power and tenderness, always delivered with soul in its truest sense. With a Middle Eastern heritage, Lior also keeps the music of his bloodline close to the surface. This album features Lior's unique exotic "eastern" vocal style which he often blends into a more traditional western song form. The second half of this year is looking great for Lior on an international level, so don't miss any of the following shows around the country before he heads off overseas.


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