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"Rollerball are a hard rock band, there is no doubt about that. Their sound is definitely laced in Sabbath worship like most that play heavy rock nowadays. The first song reminded me of a cross between early 90's Soundgarden and one of the more upbeat Sabbath moments. Gotta love that. There is a mean driving force behind the vocals, and from time to time it's hard not to hear the similarities between Rollerball and Kyuss. These guys definitely share the same influences. It's overall a very heavy driving rock- with lots of changes...but pretty much head-banging to the beat the whole time. The changes are not too confusing...simple and nicely done. Some of the open chords instead of the chug remind me of AC/DC as well. Great tones and great arrangements. Vocals are right up there somewhere between Chris Cornell and John Garcia. One other thing I might mention is that there is a certain radio quality to all the songs...not that they sound pretty, but they are all full of hooks that are catchy in a good way. There is something for everyone of the hard rock variety and plenty of surprises. Check out this CD for some well written, well done rock and roll. Hard and mean at times and driving non-stop." [STONERROCK.COM]

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