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CA038: Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection | Various Artists

Clan Analogue is proud to release a slice of Australian electronic music history in Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection. Re Cognition is a collectible three-disc set, containing a selection of the most seminal acts of the era, all of whom started their careers as part of the Clan Analogue collective.

CD Disc A is a collection of the greatest hits from a 15-year era of Australian techno and electronica explorations, encapsulating 24 hours in the life of an electronic music fan.


1. Artificial & DJ Toupee | Any Ladies? [from Solid Gold [CA028] released: 2001]
2. Bleepin’ J Squawkins | Minerva Moog part 1 [from Floppydisco [CA035] released: 2004]
3. Disco Stu | An Englishman in Ibiza [from An Englisman in Ibiza [CA029] released: 2002]
4. General Electrik | What You’re Doin’ [from Doppler Shift [CA034] released: 2004]
5. Pretty Boy Crossover | The Translucent [from Any Number Can Play [CA031] released: 2002]
6. Ubin | Willow [from Cognition 3 [CA025] released: 2000]
7. Two4K | Elite [from Defocus [CA032] released: 2003]
8. Deepchild | Rachel’s Meadow [from Hymns From Babylon [CA026] released: 2000]
9. Telemetry Orchestra | Swingers International [from Live Better Electrically [CA019] released: 1998]
10. B(if)tek | Bedrock [from Cognition [CA014] released: 1997]
11. Dark Network | 7AM [from Late Set [CA033] released: 2003]
12. Atone | Dublife [from The DeEP 3 EP [CA003] released: 1994]
13. Infusion | Smokescreen [from Cog [CA007] released: 1995]
14. Continuum | Neurosis [Radio Edit] [from Pre-Sense [CA021] released: 1998]
15. Itchee and Scratchee | Everybody Get On the Floor [from Solid Gold [CA028] released: 2001]
16. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Mind Stretch [from Orange Chrome [CA016] released: 1997]

CD Disc B is an all-new selection of remixes produced from the new generation of Clan Analogue’s artists, all of whom remixed their favourite tracks from the collective’s back catalogue.


1. Atone | Hellhole [Recreation mix] Remixed by Suspect
[Original Version on Jaunt [CA012] released: 1996]
2. Nerve Agent | Alien Jungle Planet [Meat Grinder Remix] Remixed by Lunar Module
[Original Version on G-Type Nerve Agent [CA023] released: 2000]
3. B(if)tek | We Think You’re Dishy [Koshowko Remix] Remixed by Koshowko
[Original Version on Twenty Disco Greats [CA020] released: 1999]
4. Bleepin’ J Squawkins | Voodoo Doll
[Original Version by Atone on Crucified Stitched Up And Then Some [CA015] released: 1997]
5. Eidolon | Return to Donnelaith [Swinging Tasty Mix] Remixed by Swinging Tasty Bag
[Original Version on Aphelion One [CA011] released: 1996]
6. Xtrovert | Vinyl Sadist [Cherry 2000 Remix] Remixed by Cherry 2000
[Original Version on EP1 [CA001] released: 1993]
7. 8-Bit | Leiwand [Incident at Bohemian Grove Remix] Remixed by Mutante Frequante
[Original Version on Cognition 3 [CA025] released: 2000]
8. Clan Analogue | CALG101 [Null Object Remix]
[Created using loops found on 101 Lock Grooves [CALG101] released: 2001]
9. Disco Stu | God Is Dead [Koshowko Remix] Remixed by Koshowko
[Original Version on Adult Themes [CA022] released: 1999]
10. Soft Spoken Spanky | Grubbing for Trufffles [Dirty Nostrils Remix] Remixed by Apell
[Original Version on Habitat [CA030] released: 2002]
11. Continuum | Balladonia [Pluto Remix] Remixed by Winduptoys
[Original Version on Habitat [CA030] released: 2002]
12. Apell | Wrinkled [Old Beirut Remix] Remixed by Zaziz
[Original Version on Inverted [CA036B] released: 2006]
13. Pear Shaped | Sunny Day [Refractive Mix] Remixed by Valley Forge
[Original Version on Pear Shaped [CA027] released: 2001]
14. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Jus Ta Mo Ment [This Moment Remix] Remixed by Kaputnik
[Original Version on Jaunt 2 [CA017] released: 1998]


DVD includes 31 video clips, the new documentary Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On and the influential 1995 VHS release Clan Analogue Live at the Goethe Institute. 

Download-only album Cognition X: The Clan Analogue Rarities Collection is available for free to anyone buying Re Cognition triple-disc set.

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