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Calm Collected

One listen to Calm Collected's EP, Give Me Your Worst, and you know exactly where they stand. Simmering over with youthful energy, Give Me Your Worst is a perfectly crafted slice of pop rock: catchy, guitar-driven and irresistibly fun.

Big and polished, but with the unmistakeable edge of pop punk below their sheen, Calm Collected are a band purpose-built for the endless summer that is their hometown of Perth. With the meaty rhythm section of Mike Searle and Chris Gardiner, the driving guitar of Chad Lambert and the soaring vocals of Tim Tan, Calm Collected have proven they have the necessary musical chops to hold their own in a genre that already prides itself on perfection.

Following on from their 2013 debut A New Set Of Troubled Friends, Give Me Your Worst further places Calm Collected in the highest ranks of their peers... a delicious slice of unadulterated fun, whose concerns are no more complicated than boy-meets-girl and where to go on the weekend. Bouncy and impossible not to sing along to, it's music written to make you feel good, and it delivers in spades.

Already a live force to be reckoned with, Calm Collected have shared the stage with acts such as Neck Deep (UK), Jonny Craig (USA) and State Champs (USA), and as their repertoire and fanbase both expand, the road beckons more and more for the band, who are ambitiously looking toward the future with high expectations. Already, they are off to a rocketing start.

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