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Lisa O'Neill

“Spellbinding voice, smashing songs and powerful live performance. One of the most outstanding Irish albums this year.” THE TICKET 

“Folk magic, she’s gifted with rare traits and I couldn’t fault her if I tried.” HARMLESS NOISE


O'Neill grew up in Ballyhaise in the midlands. No Train To Cavan from the new album describes the age-old predicament of the dreamer becalmed in rural terrain. A line like There's no train where I come from  speaks volumes in its simplicity.

"There's a lot of imagery on this album to do with things I imagined when I was younger," she says. "I was very much a dreamer, and I did feel guilty about that. My mind would wander... I'd big plans for tree houses, for building little worlds that were nicer and calmer than the world of people and the energy around me. Very airy-fairy, but I thought that's the way all kids were thinking, they just weren't discussing it with me. I started writing songs very young but I was hiding them from people, I was embarrassed. It wasn't cool. I'd do it in a sneaky way, but I had to get it out."

So Lisa moved to Dublin at the age of 18, enrolling in Ballyfermot's College of Further Education, where she found her tribe.

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