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The Scotch of Saint James


When they first started playing shows, The Scotch Of Saint James (known then as The Slim Pickins) came to most people’s attention by way of a scrum of positive media. Given the elevated title of a band to watch out for, The Scotch Of Saint James hit the scene amid somewhat of a fuss. Rightly so in many ways, as they are a band who have been incendiary on stage from the get-go, but of course these claims of a ‘next big thing’ are always just a bit of media fluff. Reality, for a rock’n’roll band, involves far more hard work.

And The Scotch Of Saint James have been through every baptism of fire that rock’n’roll has as its way of separating the men from the boys. Line-up changes, an identity crisis… The Scotch Of Saint James developed as all bands do - by trial and error - but the most important part of their band - arguably the only part that matters - was intact all the way through. They experimented with style, arrangement and vibe, but The Scotch Of Saint James’ songs were always shit-hot. Fun, catchy and primal.

Inevitably, the band found its way. Led by the voice and guitar of Michael Paver, The Scotch Of Saint James evolved into a blistering rock’n’roll band. With one of Perth’s most respected guitarists in Bobby Burgess, and the solid rhythm section of James Samborski on bass and Simon Roggio on drums, Paver’s songs became more agile and confident as the band around them started putting sharp edges on their chops. Unearthed by triple j, their first EP encapsulated the band’s meat’n’potatoes rock savvy, but by the time their 2010 debut album Vigilante Neck Tie Party was released, there was a growing artistry within the band’s songs. The album received airplay on triple j and community radio Australia-wide, and also provided The Scotch Of Saint James with their first exposure to American and European audiences.

Their follow-up album, Real People Fucking, is a continuation of the band’s journey, seeing them dive even deeper into new songwriting territory. From elements of disco to subtle swirls of psychedelia, Real People Fucking takes The Scotch Of Saint James’ rock foundations and makes them sexier and more nimble. Led by the infectious single Your Man, with its hip-shaking blues riff and James Brown-esque horns, Real People Fucking is relentlessly fun.

Without pandering to the hype or expectation placed upon them, The Scotch Of Saint James have made an album worthy of talking up. An album of huge riffs, huge choruses and purely unadulterated, arse-shaking rhythms. An album you can lose your shit to.

Supports etc

Kasabian, Tame Impala, Yves Klein Blue, Bluejuice, Children Collide, British India, The Art, Violent Soho, Sugar Army, The Fumes, Numbers Radio, The Galvatrons, The Checks, The Silents The Pictures, The Exploders, Red Jezebel, Digger & The Pussycats, Gyroscope…..

Southbound 2011,  Big Day Out 2011 and 2009, Groovin The Moo 2010, Rottofest 2010, WAMi Opening Parties and RTR Radiothon Closing Parties to name but a few.

Unearthed by Triple J 2009.

Licensing includes Secret Life Of Us, Cops L.A.C., Rusty Surfwear Worldwide, SLAM Skate Magazine DVD,Surfing Life, Shameless USA, Offspring (AUS)

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