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The Growl
As individuals they have musical careers spanning the past six years, playing in various bands in and around Fremantle, WA’s musical hotbed. Frontman Cameron Avery can be seen playing drums for Pond and the other members play with various friends in other bands, contributing to the thriving musical community in Freo. As a collective though, The Growl have had a fairly speedy rise to prominence since their first live show in 2010.
They have spent the first part of 2013 opening for fellow Fremantle band Tame Impala here at home and across the USA and Canada, winning new fans along the way off the back of their aggressive, relentless live performances. 
“Dynamic front man Cam Avery led his swamp rock outfit The Growl during a spirited performance in the opening slot. It was a full-blooded set swimming in visceral energy.” The
Recorded over eight months, in a number of locations across the city of Perth, a lounge room in the creative hub of Nicholson Rd, a warehouse and a basement in the city, The Growl’s Debut LP, What Would Christ Do?? was conceived, nurtured and completed outside the confines of the typical studio environment, allowing the band to work independently at their own pace, free to experiment with ideas and sounds. 
The result is eleven tracks of honesty and brutality that seldom wavers in its intensity or its concept as an album. From the melancholic, lullaby-like Sailors Son, to the primordial thumping beats of Eleven, and the sexy, swaggering drawl of the record’s first single Cleaver Leaver.
What Would Christ Do?? was written, recorded, mixed and produced by The Growl.
The Growl are...
Cameron Avery – Vocals | Clinton Oliver – Guitar | James Ireland – Keys/ accordion/ samples | Marc Earley – Double bass | Michael Jelinek – Drums/ percussion | Samuel Kuzich – Drums/ percussion


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