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Bryte is an established Hip Hop artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Since his teenage days running around the streets of Brisbane as a graffiti artist, Bryte has made leaps and bounds towards bettering his life and establishing himself as a renowned MC. With a story as impressive as his, he has a lot to say.
Born in Brisbane to a mother suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and cerebral palsy, Bryte was put into foster care at only a few days old. “Growing up was tough, I used to be quite self-conscious about having a disabled mother, but as I grew up I realised it was nothing to be embarrassed of. Kid's used to ask me why my [foster] parents were white and I was black,” Bryte says as he speaks of his experiences as a young foster child. His passion for visual arts as a child quickly developed as he grew older. Spending most of his time on the streets of Brisbane, he became consumed by the cheap and easily accessible creative outlet of street graffiti art. It was during this time that drugs and alcohol started to play a more prominent role in Bryte's social life, along with graffiti and shoplifting.
It was also during this time that Bryte discovered new ways of expressing himself through the artistic avenues of Hip Hop. Beatboxing and freestyle rap battles were an inexpensive way for Bryte and his friends to hone in on their rap skills and train their minds for creative rhyming. Turning eighteen saw Bryte losing interest in crime, and becoming more concerned with meeting likeminded Hip Hop artists and focusing more on advancing his career as an MC.
In 2007 Bryte moved to Perth in an attempt to take his career to new heights. Things have only improved for Bryte since the move, studying music at Western Australia's Abmusic College and setting out to release his debut album, Full Stop, which won the 2009 TOO SOLID Music award for Urban Album of the year. Bryte's passion for inspiring the younger generation doesn't end with his lyrics, since his move west he has been actively involved in directing and facilitating Hip Hop workshops with orginisations such as Role Models WA, Desert Feet Tour, VIBE Australia, Clontarf Foundation, various state and private schools and many more. These workshops have helped Bryte to stay in touch with his roots and continue to pursue his passion for helping those who have seen troubled times, along with those who seek to improve their skills as professional artists. “I believe that the combination of the right music and the correct role model can lead you back onto a positive path and provide an effective outlet for youth enduring genuine tough times,” said Bryte.
Bryte is now gearing up for the release of his eagerly awaited second album, Bryte Side of Life, which will be released April 5th 2013. Full of crude humour and political satire, Bryte Side of Life is a step in a new direction for this ever-growing MC. “I feel that my first album was a fantastic starting point, a real depiction of what I was going through at the time, and reflected the views I had at that point in my life perfectly,” said Bryte, “my experiences since then have really expanded my horizons.” Uninterested in financial gratification, Bryte simply plans to seize every opportunity with two hands and continue to make music that inspires others to open their minds and fight for a better life. “Without Hip Hop I wouldn't be where I am today, if my music can inspire and change lives the way I was inspired to change mine, then that's something worth fighting for!”
Written by Jace Leckie.


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