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The Trouble With Templeton

We hear a lot about talented youngsters these days, and while many can indeed be scientifically proven to be young, it’s in the talent department that we are left wanting. This is not the case here, and even the most cursory airing of Calder’s striking debut will leave the listener with no doubt in their mind: The Trouble With Templeton is special.

"Bleeders" is a compelling and beautiful collection of songs that Thomas Calder (aka Templeton) wrote himself over the course of a year, and recorded in 2 ½ weeks at his Brisbane home.

The album has a striking intimacy; songs are scattered with touches of quotidian minutia (a boiling kettle heralds the hopeful energy of I Wrote A Novel) and delicate, naturalistic arrangements that can inspire an awed hush (the title track’s mesmeric acoustic guitar and ghostly choir; the languid folk of Home).

Calder’s solo recording process created the perfect environment to allow such organic sounds the space to breathe and evolve. “I’m very spontaneous in that regard,” he explains, “so when I get an idea, I want to be able to lay it down and keep trying and experimenting. I’m a big fan of using unorthodox sounds and not sticking with traditional instruments…

” Tom has spent the last few months delighting audiences across the country supporting the likes of Sparkadia, Pinback, and Dead Letter Chorus, and things do not look like slowing down, with shows with Skipping Girl Vinegar, Big Scary, Founds, and a much coveted spot on the highly respected line-up for this year's Peat's Ridge Festival.


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