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Mzaza presents a show like no other, a show that will make your heart beat and your feet dance. Powerful, sultry multilingual vocals matched with sounds and rhythms from faraway places take audiences on an unforgettable musical journey.

Brisbane world music darlings Mzaza have come a long way since their humble beginnings as a group of friends playing songs over coffee. Over the last few years the six piece developed into a phenomenal act delivering unique and powerful shows with the kind of enjoyment you just can’t fake.

With a fascination for making something new from the old, Mzaza’s writers and musicians skilfully create their own set of traditions from a tapestry of richly woven influences from France, the Balkans, the Middle East and Sephardic Spain.

Driven by her French and Spanish Sephardic roots, front woman Pauline Maudy sings in French, Spanish, Ladino and Turkish. She is an enchanting stage leader who delivers powerful and inspired performances.

The musicianship of this outrageously tight group is equally impressive. Accordion, violin, percussion, double bass and guitar - Mzaza has an army of talented composers and musicians. Through timeless melodies they embrace diversity, the old and the new, the familiar and the foreign.

Mzaza’s rave reviews tell no lies - the group is stealing hearts at major festivals (MONA FOMA, Queensland Music Festival, Cygnet, National and Woodford Folk Festivals) and conquering the airwaves both in Australia and overseas. Jaw-dropping technique, unique compositions and captivating shows have earned Mzaza supports for the likes  of Yasmin Levy (Israel) and DJ Click (France).

In 2015 they return with a brand new album titled Ghosts and a very personal show exploring the ideas of belonging, migration, and spirits left behind in the lands of our ancestors.

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