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The Upskirts
What started out innocently enough as a high school assessment some five years ago, has evolved into an handsome collection of teenage impetuosity and candour, wrapped in an eager charm often reserved for men far beyond the years of these youngsters. Steadily sharpening their sounds since early 2009,  have been readily igniting stages, gardens, and wherever else they can play under the name The Upskirts.

The Upskirts create an exciting live experience of grizzly, upbeat songs, executed with an infectious charm and warmth that will strike up an instant rapport with any crowd. They play loud, distorted songs with crashing beats, haunting riffs and energetic rhythms, that have worked their way onto the bands debut release 'Vacations', a 5 track EP recorded across Sydney that captures a live vibe that will be sure to impress.

Having shared the stage with the likes of British India, Parades, Belles Will Ring and The Holidays, keep a close on The Upskirts as they gear up to tour their EP across Australia's east coast enthralling audiences with their rapid, reverb-laden brand of indie garage.
Duncan from Electrorash/Triple J Magazine notes,This EP is a confident garage stomp, with all the swagger of a drunken pirate and probably twice the alcohol content. The Upskirts have arrived.

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