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Abel Korzeniowski
One of the foremost rising talents in film music today, Golden Globe nominated composer Abel Korzeniowski has genuinely impressed the hollywood community with his passionate, evocative and truly original music. Abel’s music inspired fashion mogul turned film director Tom Ford to collaborate with him on Ford’s debut A Single Man.
Born in Cracow, Poland, Korzeniowski graduated from the prestigious Cracow Music Academy, completing his masters in the study of cello and also in composition. His studies were under the close direction of famed composer Christopher Penderecki.
While in Poland Abel composed music for various avenues including theatre, film, and live symphony orchestra. His most interesting endeavor was a live to film commissioned performance of his newly written score to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. In addition he also received the Golden Lions Award for Best Score at the 25th Annual Polish Film Festival for his music to the Kieslowski’ penned Big Animal.
In 2006 Abel moved from Cracow, Poland to Los Angeles, California to began work on the George Clooney, Peter Berg, and Steven Sodenberg produced picture PU-239. The film was inspired by a Ken Kalfus’ short story and was written/directed by Scott Z. Burns.
Since then Abel has composed and collaborated on the following films: 30 Days Of Night, Battle For Terra, What We Take From Each Other, Tickling Leo, Confessions Of A Go-Go Girl, Copernicus’ Star and A Single Man.

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