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Drawn From Bees

You've heard from Drawn from Bees before, so you know the deal by now. Four art-rock aficionados, one very tall order  to write, record and release a fresh batch of music every six months. Ahead of schedule, Drawn from Bees release The Sky Is Falling on September 25th, their third studio offering since the rigorous creative schedules were imposed. If such a sweat-provoking goal were conveniently forgotten amongst a flurry of coveted outdoor receptions including V Festival, triple j rotation of Autumn single "Long Tooth Setting Sun"and solid East Coast touring, you'd probably forgive a band for being over zealous. Though perhaps the only thing in over supply for Drawn from Bees is an incessant source of melodic rock musings to accompany their haunting harmony work. The Sky Is Falling EP offers a respite from the pace of earlier releases; a breathier departure from the building rock crescendos of The Boy & The Ocean, and the controlled, rollicking beat of And The Blind Shall Lead The Way, which earned Album of the Week (Brag) and Indie Release of the Week (Rave). Where previous radio single "Long Tooth Setting Sun" delivers tight riffs with a driving backbeat, lead track "Cables In The Sky" taken from the latest EP affords the breathing space to present carefully layered guitars over a pounding rhythm section. Opening with a playful singalong refrain written purely to live inside your head for days at a time, "Cables In The Sky"s a down-tempo shift in gear that manages to still hold close the undulating signature sound of Drawn from Bees. Strung amongst the series of interconnected vignettes, a standout track "Bus Now" encapsulates the highlights of a prolific history of meditative harmonies and clean melody layering- a window into the essence of Drawn from Bees in one neat three and a half minute package. With the official release of The Sky Is Falling, Drawn from Bees will again traipse the East Coast touring circuit, following an invitation to showcase at Brisbane's international Big Sound conference, and a festival slot at Sounds of Spring. Buzzwords (and puns) aside, Drawn from Bees have spent their formative year building a name and proving themselves as something more than a band with a crazy idea.

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