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ftr are an explosion of ideas….. Ranging from irresistible kitsch pop anthems through pumping dance music, a tinge of opera, to scrambled electronica and DJ infected break beats and loops. Centered round the stunning voice and dynamic stage persona of charismatic Swedish Opera trained siren Carina Barbro Hagg; ftr formed in 2008 from her long standing musical partnership with former Lime Spiders drummer turned keyboardist / programmer Richard Lawson. They combine Warholian pop art with svelte Euro design and caricature themselves mercilessly in parody … Richards words “Making cliché an art form!” Witness their interview and clip for non existent song “The Avenue” featuring the Paris Hiltonesque pet chicken “Pecka” Interview Promo Clip Originally, as in so many musical formations, they met while working together in cafes around Newtown Sydney and found they had much to share in their taste for Rock, Dance, Soul, Funk, Opera and generally humorous and cheesy Disco music. After Richard came out of a country sabbatical in Mudgee New South Wales and reformed his old Figtree label, which has seen amongst other things a recent successful release from his old cohorts the Lime Spiders through Inertia, he linked up again with Carina and they have been writing and demoing solidly for 6 months. Richard also enlisted an old friend and young DJ Ben Cox and hot new engineer and programmer Jos Burton into the ftr mix and they have given the multitude of new songs a hard bitten sonic dance edge which recalls Daft Punk, Justice and Chemical Brothers. They go into rehearsals finally in July to pull together what should be an intriguing sound mélange Their first EP features their tongue in cheek house anthem “Boy Racer”. It’s an ode to cycling and sex, a breezy four minute dancearama that harks back to 70s and 90s disco and has an irresistible hook and chorus with Carina and the ftr choir in top form. Quotes; “This stuff will be huge in Turkey…. its so cheesy!” Henry..Presets Stage Manager “I never thought I’d be in a car listening to this sort of Dance Music.” Lucky Jim..Cruel Sea drummer “We’ve got no idea what you guys are doing or how to approach it” Stav Publicist and owner Shiny Records A visual and sonic feast …

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