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The Autumn Isles

A Bird Called Cognition marks a new creative chapter for the band, exploring a darker, moodier sonic palette.

Songwriter Alex Arpino discusses the new creative direction for the band.” Our last album (Kaleidoscopes) was quite a sunny upbeat record, representative of where we were at the time. While it wasn't a conscious decision to explore moodier tones it certainly came naturally during the writing process.

For me there is a sense of loss that permeates through the record as I was processing some difficult themes due to the passing of my father. The creative process was certainly cathartic and we were able to draw on that for inspiration, lead single ‘Harvest in the Night’ was the starting point in that creative process”. The Autumn Isles are a long standing contributor to Perth music scene, with several well-crafted EP’s and now onto their second full-length album, the band are building an impressive catalogue of material, reminiscent of the timeless pop music that continues to influence and inspire them.

Throughout their history, The Autumn Isles have shared the stage with some well-loved national and international acts including Okkervil River, Architecture in Helsinki, Oh Mercy, Sons and Daughters, Idlewild, The Whitlams, Bob Evans and Claire Bowditch. The band was also included in the 2009 Southbound Festival line up and have undertaken 3 national tours. After the release of their debut album Kaleidoscopes (via Stuart Coupes Laughing Outlaw Records) the band took time to expand and hone their sonic palette and artistic vision. This intent heralded a new creative chapter for the band.


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