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Aeriae is the electronic musical incarnation of lifelong Sydney resident Wade Clarke. Aeriae's tracks pulse with all the addictive beat microscopy and spliced-atomic delights of avant-IDM artists such as Autechre and, and wed these rhythms to conspicuous tonal beauty. Rich organ lines, crystal-like textures and treated female voices wrap around tracks whose compass equally includes the song-like and the properly experimental. Aeriae's music was first picked up in 2006 via Unearthed, the ongoing competition for unsigned artists run by Australia's National Youth Radio Station JJJ. 'Karpa' from Hold R1 featured as a weekly staff pick in October 2006 and Areola debuted on The Sound Lab program in December. Over at, Aeriae scored the Track Of The Day slot eight times between 2006 and 2007 with beta versions of tracks from his album. He also collected his favourite reviewers' grab to date on the site when Caylin-Calandria was described as being 'like a Donkey Kong on crack running amok.' Hold R1 is the ambitious debut album from Aeriae, and its trajectory is one of electronic openness, allowing it to incorporate into its Intelligent Dance Music trappings everything from the white girl gabber of Novelle Sis to the nursery rhyme catchiness of AMay, or the slow-building sonic disintegration of ten minute closer Rizdvo. Fans of Autechre, Aphex Twin,, Prefuse 73, The Black Dog or the UK's Warp label in general will appreciate where this music is going, as will any fans of genuinely innovative electronica or longevous music.

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