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Regular John

Like a bulldozer ploughing through the crowd at woodstock, Regular John stand out from their scenery. In mid 2005 four rural NSW boys Ryan Adamson (guitar/vocals), Brock Tengstrom (guitar/vocals), Caleb Goman (Bass) and Ryan McDonald (drums) moved their world and sound to Marrickville, Sydney and set about shattering the stale surroundings of the sydney live music scene.

After several international supports, festivals, tours and countless incendiary, unpredictable live shows with acts such as You Am I, The Hard Ons, Electric Eel Shock, Nashville Pussy, Mint Chicks, Mach Pelican, Louis XIV, Red Riders, Children's Collide, Karnivool, The Phaorahs, Further and 1,2 Seppuku.

The past 12 months have allowed Regular John to quietly step up to the plate where they intend on putting the art back into heart and making a lot of ungodly honest noise. The band opened the 2006 Homebake Festival in Sydney having grabbed the Hopetoun Hotel Incentive Program, and just prior to performing on the Soundwave Festival and heading out on the road with The Bronx, the band performed a very chaotic live version of The Zommunist Party on MTVs The Lair, which also saw Ryan Adamson and Caleb Goman interviewed for the TV show.

“The perfect balance of bile fueled abandon and sandpapered psychedelia doesn't disappoint. Serving up a host of influences from Dead Kennedys to Mudhoney to John Lennon but never resorting to imitation...most importantly 'the peaceful atom is a bomb' is an album, an old fashioned ride through complementary contrasts and well timed mood swings. It's great rock and roll. Pure and simple. 4/5” -Rolling Stone


"Armed with boundless energy, killer hooks, singable choruses and variety up the wazoo, Regular John stamp themselves as one of the most exciting young bands on the face of the planet"- Blunt

“This is pretty heavy shit. It’s not Australian rock like you know it. Mostly everything coming out of the scene over the last few years has had the same kind of polished, shiny, mass-consumable sound to it. Think Wolfmother, Silverchair and most definitely Powderfinger. Where Sydney outfit Regular John exceed their contemporaries is in exuding the same kind of harsh, excitable and at times jarring sound that helped cement their name on the inner city touring circuit” - Brag Magazine


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