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The Slits
The Slits are one of the last remaining bands from the inner circle of Punk. Their meaning and relevance transcends even that narrow classification. They became the forerunners of a unique Dub/Punk fusion. They remain one of the most influential bands in the world.

The Band started in 1976 in the wake of the immediate chaos and carnage of the Sex Pistols. The band quickly settled on a central line up of Ari Up, Tessa Pollit, Viv Albertine & Palmolive. It was this line-up that supported the Clash during their 1977 White Riot Tour with the Buzzcocks and the Subway Sect. Palmolive eventually left, leaving the band to release only a handful of records. The first being the legendary Dub influenced “Cut” album. The more experimental “The Return Of The Giant Slits” followed this up and these together with a clutch of acclaimed singles goes to make up The Slits cannon. After a 25 year sabbatical which has seen Ari Up moonlight as the legendary, Ragga Queen Mad-dusa and Tessa become a lethal martial arts expert (whilst bringing up their respective children) THE SLITS ARE BACK…

The core of Ari & Tessa have joined forces once again, drafting in Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and legendary guitar hero Marco Pirroni (Adam & The Ants, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Sinead O’ Connor…) to create the “Revenge Of The Killer Slits” EP. The three tracks recorded in the summer of 2005 feature the songs “Slits Tradition” , “Number One Enemy” (an unrecorded song from the earliest depths of the bands career) and “Kill Them With Love”. This is a one off recording from a Slits line-up that will never be repeated again. Ari & Tessa are already working with 3 new members to carry on and extend the Slits legacy and they are playing gigs world wide as we speak… The EP “Revenge of The Killer Slits” marks the beginning of their long awaited return.

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