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At some point in the middle months of 2005, four suburbanite twenty-somethings did what any like-minded suburbanite twenty-something would do when presented with an abundance of equipment, inspiration, time, coupled with an anxious need for some form of creative outlet. They decided to test their musical fate, to seal themselves in a dingy rehearsal room in Redfern, Sydney and engage in a form of sonic discussion. Using an 8-track casette demo recorded by two members of the quartet some months earlier as compas, they set about the business of creating sound... At high volume. From the husks of ideas forged in that room, they banded together to form *1-2-SEPPUKU*, comprising Mikey K on barritone guitar, Chris K on synth and guitar, and Joel A on guitar and Stephen M rounding up with percussion. 1-2-SEPPUKU can be found see-sawing beneath the family trees of progressive, indie, metal and punk rock. Comprising unequal parts doom, soaring melodies and cinematic scope, 1-2-SEPPUKU celebrates guitars through roars, purring under a maelstrom of helicopters.

Amidst the burning red light and clanking of two dollar beers in the now demolished Soviet Productions space in Ultimo, 1-2-SEPPUKU quickly cemented a reputation for integral and earnest performance; those formative months in 2005, now as blurry and ephemeral as the music they created, saw 1-2-SEPPUKU support indie acts including Tucker B's, Further and Ninetynie.

Having gained an initially positive reaction throughout 2005 and early 2006, 1-2-SEPPUKU have more recently taken an introspective turn, taking time out to create more music, track demos in their Alexandria headquarters, and record twice: first a track for a Soviet Records compilation, and more recently recording an E.P. with like-minded audiophile, Jon Boy Rock.

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