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Astrid Munday

Astrid has released 3 albums of original material, ranging from confrontational rock to lilting atmospheric ballads: "Astrid Munday" (self-titled), Is the result of collaborative efforts of Astrid working with guitarist, Stephen Moffat. (Blah Blah Blah Records 1998), "Apparition", released through (Laughing Outlaw Records 2000). And “Sunshine & Promises” (MGM). All 3 Albums feature high profile Musicians and Guests. Astrid has sung with a number of Bands:

The Killer Sheep (1996-1997), a country punk outfit based in Sydney, who released a single "Wild Down Home" in 1988, (through Augogo Records), with Clinton Walker (bass), James Scanlan (guitar),Micheal O’connell (guitar), James Mackay (drums).

Desert Boot (within the period 1989-1992), performed a number of original compositions. One of Astrid’s earliest songs, "Blue Sea", was covered by a later line up of Desert Boot and released in 1998 through German Label, Blue Rose Records. The ever changing band lineup at that time included Gerard Kortegast, Pedro Bull, Jon Schofield, Dave Barber, Paul Thirkell.

The Flirts (1991), a songwriting partnership with Kit Quarry, playing live gigs sporadically. The Flirts recorded some material with Producer, Tony Cohen in 1991, featuring Grant McLennan, on lead guitar and Jon Schofield, on bass. One of these songs, "Win or Lose", features on the soundtrack of Annabelle Murphy's Award winning short film, "Margaret Star" (1995). Another Flirt’s song, "Wasting Ink", also features on the "Sunshine & Promises" Album. Blush (1993-1995), all-girl pop-rock band, who performed a set of Astrid's and Flirt's material in and around Melbourne. Featuring Rosie Westbrook (Double bass), Penny Ikinger (guitar) and Clare Moore (drums).

Astrid Munday and Dystopia (1996-1999) featuring Stephen Moffat (guitar), Tim Cleaver (bass), Shamus Goble (drums), Rosie Westbrook (bass), Sean Kelly (guitar) and Craig Williamson (drums).

Astrid Munday Band (1999-2000): featuring Ian Kitney (drums), Adele Pickvance (bass) and James Paull (guitar).

Astrid Munday & The Midas Touch (2006) featuring Ian Kitney, James Paull.

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