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It all started when Jim Risbey (singer/keyboards) met Cameron Blaine (back up vocals / keyboards) in Birmingham England, while travelling through Europe. When Cam decided to move to Vancouver he came to a new years party Jim was playing as Bakelite and ended up winning Cam’s heart with his rendition of Brian Adams’ “ Summer of 69”, and thus the start of Bakelite we know and hear today. After three years playing as a two piece, both Jim and Cam felt it was time to introduce live drums into the mix. First with Brad MacKinnen (Pink Mountain Tops, Fuck Me USA, Radio Berlin) and now with Sarah Cordingly (Channels 3 & 4), their sound has increasingly become more brash and less ‘elecrtoclash’ a term they wish to stay as far away from as possible.

Bakelite’s sound is compariable to a early Rapture or Adult, but with their influences leaning more towards early noise and experimental groups such as Throbbing Gristle or The Nihilist Spasm Band. Bakelite have just released a 6 song EP consisting of two new tracks and 4 previously released tracks re recorded with live drums exclusively for EXO Records. This one album captures the paranoia and alienation of groups like early Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, Minimal Man, and Chrome combinded with electro-disco beats of DAF and Devo, if they were fronted by the pleading vocals of the Cure’s Robert Smith. In other words, this is robotic gestures of Adult, or the Kitschy plastic spectacles of Fischerspooner, and closer to the dirty- ass punk psychodramas of T. Raumschmiere and Peaches, minus their contrived obnoxiousness. Groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Rapture have also been noted to request Bakelite’s debut LP to played before their live shows. Bakelite have also been the main support for acts such as Nina Hagen, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Chromoatics and The Organ to name but a few.

What you can expect from Bakelite live are 3 people who appear somewhat dapper/messy in a mixture of leather jackets, jeans, pea coats, shaggy hair and stripes. The recent addition of Sarah has dramatically altered their sound and stage presence causing music goers to sweat it up on dancefloors across Canada, America and very soon Australia. Bakelite have always put a lot of work into their visuals at their live gigs. Having full video’s for every song synched to the beats and their signature “scribble visions” (two TV’s running from their keyboards and drums displaying sounds as lines).

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