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The Girls From the Clouds
Reunions don’t get much sweeter than this, with Jodi Phillis and Trish Young (both from The Clouds) getting back together for a new project aptly titled ‘The Girls From The Clouds’. Even better news, the girls have new songs and a new recording in the shape of a 5 track EP called ‘Lalalala.’ The EP covers plenty of diverse pop styles with each song bearing that classic trademark of pure pop melodies and gorgeous harmonies.

The Clouds broke up in 1997 after being one of the most successful indie rock bands throughout the 90’s. Since the band break-up, Jodi and Trish occasionally got together to play a few shows. Trish was living in London and Jodi was in a sleepy little town in Tasmania. Over the years, emails and demo tapes were passed over the ocean, sparking a new enthusiasm and excitement for a new project.

This time around there is a more playful, hopeful and positive edge to the lyrics and driving beats. This time around the girls wanted to keep it simple, just the two of them doing all the work, except a little help on drums by Tim Oxley. The songs are shorter, there’s no long guitar solos and band rock-outs.

The catchy opener ‘Bye Bye Wintertime’ has the girls in classic signature sound celebrating the changing of the seasons and life cycles. The ultra upbeat ‘Saw You With A Girl’ quickly establishes the fact they haven’t lost the knack for writing great pop songs. ‘House Of The Sun’ melds their pop nous with their intuitively linked harmony and sonic exploration. The EP finishes with the girls having a bit of self-referencing fun going beyond the clouds.

The Girls From The Clouds is two talented songwriters who work and sound brilliantly together and lucky for us after an 8 year hiatus, they are back!!


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