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Josh Pyke

It's taken Josh Pyke a bit of time to find his true voice. Actually, it's taken Josh Pyke a little time to finally become Josh Pyke. Until earlier this year, "Night Hour" was the guise for his one man band - a name to perhaps hide behind while Josh worked out where it all might lead.

It didn't take long before Josh's unique voice and song writing style, influenced by the likes of Elliott Smith, Evan Dando, and Sparklehorse, began to find favour amongst music tastemakers, critics and Triple J listeners. The first taste, the assured "Kids Don't Sell Their Hopes So Fast", found high rotation on JJJ and soon "Silver" and the gently sweeping "Doldrums" followed to similar praise and airplay.

Earlier this year Josh signed to Ivy League Records and shortly afterwards travelled to New York for some further writing, performing and demoing and upon return set about recording what will be his debut release under his own name, a mini album entitled "Feeding The Wolves" ."Feeding the Wolves" signifies a great deal more than a change in name: It reveals a huge step in the development of Josh as an artist and songwriter. The subject matter is as broad as titles like "Beg Your Pardon, Private Education, Middle Of The Hill and Goldmines" suggest, however it's Josh's lyrics that draw this collection of songs together into a complete package. He cleverly dissects human emotion and feelings and shows them for what they are: complex, abstract, fascinating.

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