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The Optionals
The Optionals are a Sydney based, 5-piece “horny” rock band. A powerful and tight trio on drum/bass/guitar combine with a horn section that drives key riffs and rhythms, making The Optionals stand out from other rock bands. Their music is intense, energetic, melodic and fun, but can also be dark and evil when needed.

Members, Jonny, Ross and Nick had been playing together for years when Leeroy came into the picture. She had the mutual desire to play in a brassed-up rock thang, and The Optionals were born. They became even hornier when Mark arrived on the scene!

The Optionals have had a truckload of positive feedback from their live performances and demo CD, which has received regular airplay. The Optionals have gained an awesome reputation in Sydney’s live music scene and have been given shows purely through word of mouth. Their self funded, self titled, debut CD, is being distributed by Shock Records, with the release date being 28 March 2004. During March 2004, they will be supporting Frenzal Rhomb and the Bouncing Soles, then touring Brisbane and Melbourne in April to promote the CD release.

Consistently playing gigs has helped The Optionals become a tight and well-oiled rock machine. Their debut live appearance was in November 2002, and since then have been playing 2 or 3 gigs a month in Sydney venues such as The Annandale, Vic on the Park, The Empire, The Excelsior, Green Square, Club 77, and Bar Broadway. The boys and girl do not feel the need to fit into any particular scene, and they like it that way. They have played with hardcore, ska, pop-rock, nu-metal, rockabilly and psychobilly bands, including The Porkers, Gazoonga Attack, Seconds Away, The Psyclones, Bagster, Backy Skank, Blasting Process, Unpaid Debt, The Knives of Neptune, Zombie Ghost Train, Stockholm Syndrome, Crank and The Intercontinental Playboys.

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