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Overdub is the debut album for music producer Daniel Jumpertz’s new project, Alpen. It is currently evolving from a one person studio-based project to a full live band. Using a mixture of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, Jumpertz creates songs that have been likened to The Flaming Lips, Sleepy Jackson, the studio aesthetic of Radiohead and the texture and spaciousness of Wilco. It’s not indie pop or clever electronica but somewhere in between. There is a tasteful blend of the studio manipulations and live performances on Overdub, with an emphasis on recording and sampling original sounds, signal processing and digital manipulation. Featured guests include Grievous (Leigh Hegg from Plankton) and Comatone (Greg Seiler).

Jumpertz has been writing songs alone and with various bands for more than 20 years, and the debut Alpen release will reflect the breadth and depth of his creations, focusing on his home recordings of the past few years. While Jumpertz has spent much time, energy and passion recording and producing bands such as Wagons, Minimum Chips, The Emergency, The Night Terrors, Plankton, The Tigers and Sparrow Hill over the past five years, and releasing albums for artists he admires and champions on his Feral Media label, Alpen has been gnawing at the trouser leg of Jumpertz’s consciousness like a small but determined bulldog.

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