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Blacklevel Embassy

Reminiscent of the rock pioneers to come out of Washington DC and Chicago through the late 80's - early 90's, Blacklevel Embassy's calculated compositions are executed with deft precision, punctuated by moments of uneasy silence. Anyone who has witnessed a live performance will have noted the holding of the collective breath and the prickle on the back of their necks from the anticipation of imminent disaster buzzing like static through the air. Their sound is a delicate balance between urgent restraint and all out severity. Boasting a combined musical history of Ricaine, Warped, Little General, Solaris, Hardware and Lake, this Melbourne 3 piece have been together for under a year.

Being the masochists that they are, they will have successfully violated the nation 3 times over by the time 2004 is out. At the tender age of 12 gigs old they landed the main support for Mclusky, and by the time you read this, will have completed a national run supporting The Nation Blue and Further on the 'Across The Damnation' tour. In June 2004, the band set out to record what would become their debut release, 'Fear Like Young'. The 7 track EP was recorded over a period of 4 days in the unconventional environs of a 116 year old building housing the Montague Continuing Education Centre. Before recording commenced, the 3 halls selected were analysed and treated by genius acoustician John Watson. The session was engineered by Matt Voigt (KISS, Cat Power, Warped). The finished product succeeds in capturing the essence of their sound, so much so that Bob Weston (Shellac) raised his hand to record BLE's debut album in Chicago at the revered Electrical Audio Studios in 2005.

As well as running their own race, Blacklevel Embassy have been moonlighting as backing band for Spod. They performed on his 'Eternal Championz' release, as well as injecting sheer powa into his live shows. If all this is any indication of the path Blacklevel Embassy are headed down, its safe to say that the hail & kill destruction has just begun.

"…and when the music stops for a moment and the voices ring out together there's that joyous tension in the air, that risky moment that's what live music is really for." [Jasmine Rice, Inpress]

"If these guys were a killer in a slasher film, I'm sure their weapon of choice would be a sledgehammer… SLEDGEHAMMER!!!"- [BMX zine]

"Blacklevel Embassy are as good as Melbourne rock gets these days- and that's pretty fucking good." [Ashleigh Easton- Blunt]

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