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If you ask one of the trio what it is about Zinc that make them so special, their simple answer is; “it’s the songs.” The band consisting of Mark O’Shea, his brother John and friend Adam Ray are 3 singer/songwriters who also happen to be talented multi-instrumentalists. They share the vocal load equally, making it a three-front man trio.

“I think we actually surprise people when we sing,” says Adam. “Generally – even with harmony bands – there is (one) lead singer, But with our band it literally is John one song, Mark the next and me the next; there’s three lead singers. And all three really hold their own.”

Zinc are already making a name for themselves both in their native Australia and overseas. While building a strong following playing the legendary live venues of Sydney’s inner-west, the band hit the road last year and covered just about every inch of the country twice! – Touring nationally with Shannon Noll and performing with Switchfoot, James Reyne, Human Nature and Pete Murray to name a few. They have collaborated with songwriters as varied as Charlie Midnight (James Brown) to Mark Seymour (ex-frontman for Australian heroes Hunters and Collectors) and demoed over one hundred songs for their upcoming debut album – helping out with vocals on the records of a few famous names on the side. Take the day they were working with Mark Hudson in Los Angeles… “He was producing Ringo Starr’s record at the time,” grins Mark of the producer whose diverse talents have lent themselves to bands including Hanson and Aerosmith. “And he pulled up a track and said ‘I need some backing vocals on this song…”

It’s these kind of unexpected situations that have seen Zinc base themselves internationally for the last 18 months (they’ve also lent backing vocals to a Steve Tyler Christmas track though; “we usually don’t mention the part about Christmas!”). And it’s that same kind of right place, right time good fortune that has followed the band since their very beginnings. Mark was making a living as a solo artist in Sydney when he took time out to holiday on the island of New Caledonia about seven years ago. There he met Adam, who was performing in Noumea as an entertainer with Club Med. The two kept in touch, and when Adam finally returned home they started writing and recording together. Joined by John who’d moved from Queensland, the new trio began to work on material in earnest. “We didn’t take it too seriously,” admits John. “We did some demos together to see what would happen and just sent them out to managers. And they all rang back!” Having lived overseas and recorded their debut album with Charles Fisher (Savage Garden/ Radio Birdman/ Air Supply), the only direction for Zinc to head now is up. As Mark says, the band was once just “three guys doing their own thing – and now we’re doing our own thing together”. It sounds simple, but as the old saying goes: the simple things in life are often the best. And there’s no doubt Zinc fit that mould perfectly.

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