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The Von Bondies
The Von Bondies are part of the Detroit garage rock scene, a tight-knit group of bands whose raw rockin’ sounds are getting attention worldwide. The VBs formed in 2002: Jason Stollsteimer on vocals and guitar; Marcie Bolen, guitar, acoustic guitar and backing vocals; Carrie Smith, bass and backing vocals and drummer Don Blum.

Their debut album is chock full o’ gritty rock’n’roll goodness from a band described by NME as “the youngest and brashest of the new Motor City Mafia.”

Produced by Jack White (one half of the huge-selling White Stripes, with whom the VBs have toured), 'Lack Of Communication’ is a blues-infused, sweating garage stomp that holds up just as well on record as it does live.

To quote an interview with Jason Stollsteimer in the Detroit Free Press: "We keep it raw and pretty basic" says Stollsteimer, whose haunting, volcanic vocals are a hybrid of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Jim Morrison. "We try for a full sound, but we just play normal chords - no power chords. And we don't jam; each song has a point, and once the point's been made, we end it - the song's over."

"The songs are about a girl I dated, heartache and playing rock n' roll," says Stollsteimer. "Somebody characterized the CD as 'the romantic sounds of depraved youth.' That's about right."

"Detroit bands are all supportive of one another; we go to one another's shows and we're friends. I didn't really understand how cool that was until we played New York and LA this summer, and saw how the bands there talk behind each other's back, and care more about themselves than the music."

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