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Team Plastique
Team Plastique are a quartet of electronic sushi-punk posers, whose music is a sonic playground for their decadently risqué costumes and playful on-stage antics. The Team’s debut ep ‘Suck’ is a mashed synthesis of conflicting hip-hop, electro and jungle beats styled around the universal themes of love, fishnet and rabbits. The ep also includes a board game (‘The Audition’) where players compete for the guest role in a future Team Plastique show, by creating stage personas and completing costume challenges. A decadently messy atmosphere is created in the Team’s live shows which incorporate interactive audience games with fun cabaret performance. Team Plastique also create interactive installations for party, art and festival events. Most recently, their deconstructionist work “Plastique Land” was installed for the entrance of the Sydney Big Day Out 2004, and will soon be toured through Europe. They also sell the key to life for twenty cents.

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