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Bakelite Age
This is the Bakelite Age. It sounds nothing like my previous bands - the no-nonsense high energy sounds of Meanies nor the Garage-latin-pop-countryrock-psych The Tomorrow People. But in my mind, it’s all part of the same progression (and occasional frustration) of trying to find a particular, continuous sound which had haunted my songwriting for many years.

So here we are, a fiery Phoenix bursting from the ashes of previous bands. This is my Excalibur and I’ve removed it from the stone of frustration. Hmmm, maybe forget those last two sentences. Anyway, I’ve never felt the kind of cohesion and buzz that I do with the Bakelite Age. All haughty comments aside, the recording of our debut album, “Malleable Demons Plus q”, has transposed the intent of the Bakelite Age songs almost perfectly on to tape (or, more accurately, hard drive). Almost perfectly because I’ve never known any musician to feel 100% happy with a recording. But working on this album with Shane O’Mara (at his Yikesville Studios) is about as close as I imagine it could be - the edge and the warmth is there, and the songs (apart from some later guitar overdubs) were all recorded live, retaining all the band’s energy.

We’ve strived for the rawest aspects of the White Album, Sonic Youth’s lack of respect for convention, the quirkiness of the Pixies, and guttural force of Howlin’ Wolf delivery. But there’s loads of little isolated moments that have influenced the sound as much as some of the major lightening bolts. For instance, hearing the Bastards “Loser” played on the radio complete with timing fluctuation (courtesy of a stretched tape I suppose), or the pitch bending madness of My Bloody Valentines “Soon”.

Love, Link (singer, guitarist, songwriter and disciplinarian)

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