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Magic Dirt

[May 2007] Magic Dirt are back with the twin sisters from hell! The noise album, Roky's Room & the mini-album, Beast.

Roky's Room is 11 tracks of screaming and howling guitars extracted from the sonic hadal of noise. Magic Dirt recruited some of their favourite guitar terrorists & headed to Birdland Studios, plugged in & turned it way up. This is the most extreme & experimental album they have ever produced. The tracks don't have names, only numbers. There are no drums or vocals. This is for serious lovers of noise. It's unlisteneable to most of the population. Not recommended for most. It may break your windows. We warned you.

Beast is the slightly more 'adjusted' sister. She is flat out and 4 to the floor, swinging her mane, beating her feet, cage unlocked. Beast is a collection of 7 of the Dirt's most intense psycho-drama workouts. The lyrics take you to some dark places & force you to take a look around. This is their dirtiest primal grind yet. Daniel Herring, original Magic Dirt guitarist, appears on 2 tracks for some triple guitar onslaught. Three guitars and one chord never sounded so nasty.

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