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Diana Anaid

Diana Anaid has come full circle. Which is why her fourth album “Diana Anaid” (due April 2010) is self-titled, as was her debut album “Diana Ah Naid” from 1997, when she used a different spelling of her stage name.

“Apart from introducing people to my name, without the ‘h’, I’ve come full circle to a simple but powerful place,” explains the singer songwriter who is based in Byron Bay. “The music on the new album takes me back to my original self-produced wall of sound.”

That sound made her a darling with community radio and the triple j network, who made her debut single “I Go Off” a alt-rock smash. But singles from   “I Don’t Think I’m Pregnant” (1999) and “Beautiful Obscene” (2004) crossed her over to mainstream radio as well. Her last single,  “Last Thing” also broke her into the Top 30 of Hot Adult Contemporary formats in the United States. It got her an invitation to showcase at the International Folk Alliance in Memphis and a run of clubs in California.

The three week recording sessions for “Diana Anaid” at Sydney’s Albert Studios were both exhilarating yet traumatic for her. Diana produced the album herself, and initially wondered if she could do it justice.

“Ultimately the album captures me in a comfortable place. I had many songs stockpiled to choose from, and it really reflected the energy I am feeling. I am hoping that the fans of both ‘I Go Off’ and ‘Beautiful Obscene’ which was highly produced, will join the dots and appreciate it.”

She looks back at her career: “I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I learned from them and have grown from them. They were necessary mistakes, they were stepping stones to where I am. To me, it’s about the journey, not the destination. You have to enjoy every minute. Because the destination has to change as you grow.”

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