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The Datsuns
The Datsuns alchemical, revelatory rock’n’roll is enough to make you believe that that there will always be kids who, fuelled by a hunger for noise and adrenalin, will discover rock’s archaic roots, its dusty grooves, rusted riffs and intact spirit, and recharge its soul with their energy, their enthusiasm, and their desire to do something new with it all.
Plug into the nefarious and immediate thrills of The Datsuns electrifying second album, ‘Outta Sight/Outta Mind’, and it’s immediately obvious that you’re in the presence of a group well versed in the history of rock. A band who haven’t allowed any scholarly knowledge to extinguish the pure lust for the thrills that led them to their instruments in the first place. Not retro in the slightest, their noise rifles through rock’n’roll’s riffs and grooves like a thrift-store adept, before shooting a zillion volts of youthful adrenalin and punk-rock velocity through it to reveal a sinewy mutant mix of Jimmy Page riffage, cock-rock swagger and the brutal economy and furious passion of punk-rock. ‘The Datsuns’ was a marvellous debut. Its songs perfectly capturing the embryonic Datsuns sound. Glam stomp, lascivious swagger and flammable quantities of energy were whipped together in songs like ‘MF From Hell’ and ‘Harmonic Generator’ and managed to hit with the lean attack of the greatest pop music and the considerable muscle of the heaviest rock. So charismatic was the album and the accompanying unforgettable live shows that even the most cynical corners of the media who once whispered “Hype” changed their verdict to a much more preferable four-letter word: “ROCK”.

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