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Bertie Blackman

In a pop world filled with fashion followers, Bertie Blackman is forging her own path. Bertie burst onto the Australian music scene in 2004 with her stunning single Favourite Jeans. This soon became a radio breakthrough, dubbing her'Australia's underground queen'. Her debut album, Headway, was a folk-inspired adventure, powered by Bertie’s acoustic guitar. The follow-up, 2006&'s Black, saw Bertie armed with an electric guitar and delivering some grittier sounds. The Sydney songstress says, "I always trust my instinct". For her new album, SECRETS AND LIES, Bertie has traded her guitars for keyboards and sees her exploring the electronic world. "I wanted to do something more electronic and not as band-oriented," she explains. "It' dark, but also a pop record. It's a good thing to make a pop record" Bertie delivers pop music with depth. Her voice is seductive, her lyrics are inventive and honest. And she is a mesmerizing live performer."When I'm playing the music, I just disappear into what's going on,"she says."It all just kind of channels through." Bertie made SECRETS AND LIES with producers Lee Groves (Goldfrapp, Gwen Stefani) and Francois Tetaz (Gotye, Architecture In Helsinki)"This is such a diverse record" she says. From the sexually-charged Thump to the deceptively dark Shout Out, this is an album of many moods."I wasn't listening to the radio or pop music when I made the record" Bertie explains."I went into another world." The debut single from this stunning new album, Heart, has taken the Australian airwaves by storm as the 4th most added singles to radio in it’s first week. High national rotation for this pumping track has made Bertie a favourite with music aficionados across the country. 'Secrets And Lies' out May 8th 2009 on Forum5 Recordings / MGM Distribution


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