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Absolutely The Best
Release Date: 24/03/2017
Catalogue No.: CD-SBR-7910
Record Label: Sunset Blvd Records
Format: CD

There weren_x001A_t very many young pop-rock balladeers on the 1970s and _x001A_80s scene that boasted both the powerhouse pipes and keen commercial instincts of Gino Vannelli. Only 22 years old when he first surfaced with his memorable 1974 hit single _x001A_People Gotta Move,_x001A_ the handsome Canadian was a frequent and welcome presence on the pop hit parade for an extended period of time. Gino camped out in front of the headquarters of A&M Records, and when label head Herb Alpert drove by en route to his parking spot, Vannelli sprinted right past the gatekeeper and beseeched the surprised trumpeter with a heartfelt request for an audition. Herb understood where Gino was coming from and gave him a listen later that afternoon. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a satchelful of impressive original compositions. Gino wowed the man whose Tijuana Brass was a longtime institution. Vannelli was in at A&M. After A Pauper In Paradise commenced a jaunt to #33 in late 1977, Gino_x001A_s star soared sharply upward when his 1978 album Brother To Brother went platinum as it sailed to a lofty #13. The highly popular set was anchored by the classic ballad _x001A_I Just Wanna Stop,_x001A_ written by brother Ross and produced and arranged by all three of the siblings. It blasted up to an exalted #4 pop during the fall of _x001A_78 and made Gino a national star. That wasn_x001A_t the only hit on the album; the self-penned _x001A_Wheels Of Fire_x001A_ made a lesser chart impact in early _x001A_79. Vannelli_x001A_s across-the-board appeal was underscored when he was one of a precious few white artists of his era to guest on Don Cornelius_x001A_ Soul Train. Gino revisits some his greatest pop triumphs on this collection, as well as some less familiar pieces that stretch the boundaries of what we_x001A_ve come to expect from him. Those glorious Vannelli pipes are as inspiring as ever, muscular yet touching and intimate. His is a restless muse that doesn_x001A_t allow him to linger in just one musical destination for very long, but wherever he ventures, Gino Vannelli is sure to please.



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Gino Vannelli

Absolutely The Best

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