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Spent The Afternoon - LP
Release Date: 11/04/2014
Catalogue No.: BSR046LP
Record Label: Bedroom Sucks/Rocket Dist.
Format: 12" Vinyl

Full Ugly is primarily a vehicle for the songwriting of one Melbourne native, Nathan Burgess. Thomas Mendelovits, of long-time Melbourne outfitMilk Teddy, joined after seeing Nathan play an acoustic set with lead guitarist and old school mate Michael Caterer (Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Love Connection). After a few three-piece Shows, Zach Schneider (Great Outdoors, Totally Mild) approached the band and offered to round out the line-up as a four-piece, affording Burgess’s almost na´ve country-rock sensibility a more exploratory feel. Today, Nathan McFarlane provides lead guitar since Caterer’s relocation to New York with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding.

The album was mastered byMikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, countless others), and beyond being a great document of contemporary Australian music, also happens to make for some truly rewarding listening. It is a disarming record, sincere and shabbily endearing. Melodies lope along toward a greater destination, a summer breeze runs through the studio and is captured in the rhythm of these songs. And when all is said and done, the sound of Full Ugly is left hanging in the air, a comforting look over the shoulder.



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Full Ugly

Spent The Afternoon - LP

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