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Muizenberg -LP
Release Date: 07/02/2014
Catalogue No.: SI-ZIQ-337
Record Label: Planet Mu
Format: 12" Vinyl

Taken from their critically acclaimed and eponymous debut, the track exhudes southern hemisphere sunshine with a warm guitar figure sending a gentle bounce through the track. Lead singer John delivers a gentle falsetto before the track drops into a scuffy bass coda. Beatmaker extraodinaire Seiji turns a gentle piano line that you barely notice in the original into the centrepiece of his mix, running rhythmic, crunchy kicks and snares alongside bubbling filtered effects. On the flip The 2 Bears create a thing of beauty. A slow, rippling mix that's absorbed all the sunshine of the original, turning it inside-out and building the track up gently over a slow house beat, before dropping in gentle repeated vocals over the epic nine minute timespan. !



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John Wizards

Muizenberg -LP

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