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Take It Out On You
Release Date: 24/01/2014
Catalogue No.: DEFCON2
Record Label: Rocket Distribution
Format: 12" Vinyl

Desperate is pleased to announce that it is reissuing the Take It Out On You LP by legendary Australian rock & roll juggernaut, BORED! It's the only recording of the band from their amazing Tim Hemensley-era line-up from 1989 - '91, and for many people it remains their defining moment. Hailing from Geelong, the coastal city just outside of Melbourne, Bored! were formed in the late '80s by guitarists Dave Thomas and John Nolan as an outfit which would meld their mutual loves of punk rock (of both the '77 and '80s US hardcore variety) and '70s hard rock/heavy metal (think Blue Cheer, 'Sabbath, Billy Thorpe and Lobby Loyde).

With already a couple of records and a new bass player under their belt in the form of ex-GOD member, Tim Hemensley, they entered the studio in 1990 and recorded this 7-track LP which defines them as one of the great bands of their time. Comprising of Dave Thomas originals such as 'Mr. Ten Per Cent', the elongated sludgefest, 'Sweet Charity' and the wildly aggressive slab of energy known as 'Motherfuckin' Motherfucker', they rank as some of Thomas' best ever songs. Hemensley contributes two classics with the title track and the opener, 'Conquest', both of which are phenomenal tracks of high-energy punk/rock complemented by Hemensley's typically incisive lyrical wit.

Rounding the record out are two brilliant covers: Pere Ubu's 'Final Solution', stretched out with many minutes of glorious feedback; and the Sex Pistols' 'Satellite', barked out with abandon by Tim, rendering it an awesome slab of hard rock.

Long unavailable, this 180-gram vinyl edition on Desperate comes newly remastered by Mikey Young with a download card and a detailed two-sided insert featuring rare and never-before-published photos and exclusive liner notes by Dave Thomas and John Nolan. Limited to 500 copies.



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Take It Out On You

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