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Witness The Shitness
Release Date: 06/12/2013
Catalogue No.: GGG01
Record Label: Rack Off Records
Format: CD

GNAR GNAR GNAR are a very loud three piece punk rock band from Newcastle, Australia, forming in early 2012 by rapidly aging rock pigs, Uneasy-E (grinds/vox) Frammo (bombs/bass) and Stix-B (hammers). The band’s debut album takes an observational squiz at the seedier side of Australian suburban life. Lyrically featuring a swag of current first world issues driven by rough as guts humour, endless sweaty rants all pulled together by raw and abrasive production. Aptly titled Witness The Shitness, the album plunges face first into the used syringe bucket and clogged ice pipe that is modern life on the wrong side of the tracks. Ten songs, twenty minutes, one short sharp kick in the teeth after the next, the way natural selection intended. For fans of: The Meanies, The Hard Ons, Cosmic Psychos



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Gnar Gnar Gnar

Witness The Shitness

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