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Any Port In A Storm
Release Date: 04/10/2013
Catalogue No.: BSR044CD
Record Label: Bedroom Sucks/Rocket Dist.
Format: CD

The impeccably named are back with not so much a brand new album, as a generation's glimpse of love, home-sickness, basketball, alienation, rock and roll and all things that matter. is fated to become your essential backdrop to the summer of 2013. The brainchild of , this new record consists of entirely new material, recorded with Dermody’s new band in a completely different corner of the globe to 2010’s debut, .

Having uprooted from Melbourne, Australia to New York City, the Big Apple has replaced Melbourne as inspiration for this latest set of trials and tribulations. His heart-on-sleeve lyrics reveal tales of everyday Dermody life, somehow more absurdly unhinged, humorous and poignant than the lives of his peers, all the better for taking place in the middle of downtown Manhattan, a place supposedly built on dreams and ‘making it’



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Any Port In A Storm

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