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Untold Things (Re-issue)
Release Date: 09/08/2013
Catalogue No.: CDRWG93
Record Label: Real World Records
Format: CD

The music of British composer /pianist/viola player Jocelyn Pook nearly always comes wrapped in plenty of delicious intrigue. Even the title of her 2001 album Untold Things arouses plenty of curiosity. Its 11 pieces continue this motif, drifting in like wisps of mist, gauzy and ghostly. Pook has never taken the easiest road, always aiming beyond the classicistís familiar domain, stretching her wings to soar over less travelled territory. The Real World Gold version of Untold Things includes two bonus tracks: Adamís Lullaby and Ave Maria, sung by Natacha Atlas.



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Jocelyn Pook

Untold Things (Re-issue)

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